Into the Blue by Kylie Minogue

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courtneyesmith 3 Feb 2014

PERFECT but unknown... '' When i got my back up against the wall, don't need no one to rescue me cause i ain't waiting up for no miracle YEAH TONIGHT I'M RUNNING FREE INTO THE BLUE.INTO THE BLUE,WITH NOTHING TO LOSE,INTO THE BLUE   1

willyjtc8129986 5 Aug 2014

Back in 1991 I served Kylie in Notting Hill Our Price. I was a little starstruck so forgot to mention I had named my cat after her.

Astromonkey 4 Feb 2014

Back to Kylie-based pop perfection for this jam and, whilst this couldn't be tonally more different to Portishead, lyrically, it still crackles with a melancholy which fits my current mood ("I drew the smile upon my face/I paved the road that would one day leave me lonely"). Only I can have a poppers o'clock, fist in the air, euphoric dance frenzy to this which makes me feel that, for four minutes, the world might not be as bad as I fear.

timdone 3 Feb 2014