& •Slow • & by Kylie Minogue♪

“Feel Feel Feel light as her hair!”

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but viniciusrlima was first  

Feel Feel Feel light as her hair!   1

titusfrancis54 13 Jul 2015

This video makes my tummy feel fuzzy.   1

MiseryBear 5 Aug 2012

Saw this on the tv while out with my classmates. No sound. I need sound. Have to jam it. Happy Friday!   2

Avante 31 Jan 2014

Slinky. One of her best.

ncplewis 8 Mar 2014

You know what I'm saying. And I haven't said a thing. Keep the record playing...

fake13 13 Oct 2014

I'd genuinely like to make out to this, not only because I can't dance

dreampop 14 Mar 2014