Pretend We're Dead by L7

“Starting the week with some L7.”

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Starting the week with some L7.   7

metallicagirl 22 Mar 2015

Live on The Word - yeah, you know what happens.   1

emilyeverything 9 Dec 2011

So glad to see L7 making a comeback (and still being as brilliant as ever they were). Kick-ass gum-chewing foul mouthed girl band that rock! L7's "Pretend We're Dead"

pjmaybe 12 Sep 2015

I went through 3 other songs that were "not allowed" to play here, but settled on this one. that's not to say I don't love it, because I do!

rivalsanlendo 11 Sep 2015

Totally feels like an L7 kind of day...   2

SeanTAllen 26 Jun 2015

Yes, the new game...

purplesunset54 9 Sep 2015