Rheinita by La Düsseldorf

“Krautrocked on a Thursday...”

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Krautrocked on a Thursday...

emsquare_d 27 Nov 2014

Heard this on Iggy Pop's appreciation of German music on 6music today. If you get the chance to listen, it's well worth it.   1

iant70 12 Oct 2014

First time I ever heard this was earlier in the year when Iggy Pop played it on his radio show. It was so beautiful, I cried. One of the most beautiful pieces of music I'd heard in a long time (minus some Simple Minds songs, obvs.). I really do need La Dusseldorf in my life!   3

Fairy_Pingu 26 Aug 2015

An overlooked late Krautrock classic. Any relation to that Arcade Fire song is entirely coincidental, I'm sure.

chipshopforks 1 Dec 2014