Uptight Downtown by La Roux

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Jam #350! I didn't actually have anything planned for this, so here's a song I really like, from an album I love, that's been stuck in my head.   3

CallumPetch 1 Oct 2014

Το καινούριο άλμπουμ των La Roux (που πλέον θα έπρεπε να είναι "της", καθώς η Elly Jackson είναι πλέον μόνη της. Περισσότερες νέες και παλιές μουσικές 20:00-22:00 στο theoldschoolproject.com

SundayFreakshow 23 Nov 2014

First single proper from the forthcoming "Trouble In Paradise" album - definite nod to Bowie's "Let's Dance".   4

Astromonkey 28 May 2014


cliffmiddleton 7 Dec 2014

The streets are on it people... And it’s all the way downtown

McRaul55 30 May 2014

Time to dance

nautes03 21 Sep 2015