Applause by Lady Gaga

“Everything pop music should be.”

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Everything pop music should be.

RodBegbie 13 Aug 2013

The most loved track on #R1Review this week is @LadyGaga's 'Applause' - what do you think of it?

BBCR1Review 13 Aug 2013

Speak: "Play applause by Lady Gaga" @treycent to load her #SoundCloud track by voice Speak "Show me Lady Gaga's applause video" @treycent to load her #YouTube #video by voice

treycent 19 Feb 2014

Speak: "Show me Lady Gaga's Applause video" @treycent to load her #YouTube #video by voice

treycent 21 Feb 2014

I can't believe I'm doing this!!! I seriously can't believe I like a Lady Gaga song but I heard this song on the radio last night and I seriously can't get it out of my head it's so bloody catchy!! The ap-pl-au-se part is awesome!! Fire away @bassscape, @mattb07, @McRoss, @McReidy, @Kaputcha, @nickflav, @Beevs   6

luggy9 15 Aug 2013

in my head all week. love it. the more i hear and see Gaga the more I love her work. i originally heard this track on the Muppets Christmas special and would have _loved_ to have posted this version:

mrbootle 23 Jan 2014