Money Power Glory by Lana Del Rey

“i want $, you should run.”

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i want $, you should run.

thesummerofsam 3 Jun 2015

That's not what this bitch wants -- not what I want at all.

diezyn 10 May 2015

Never been a big fan of Lana Del Rey but this album is pretty amazing. The soundtrack for the femme fatale, the gold digger, the vixen, images of women our society both worships and reviles in equal measure.   1

mickeysirena 1 Jul 2014

I want money, power, and glory

LaurelRad 7 Feb 2015

My favorite track of of Ultraviolence.   2

SurrealArboreal 25 Jul 2014

I want money, and all your power, all your glory

senoritadany 18 Jun 2014