When The Cat Is Away The Mice Will Play by Laurent Chambert


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Laurent has made a brand new video for his track from blue four!   1

bluetapes 4 Mar 2013

Do you know Montmartre and the Sacré Coeur in Paris?   6

occ 1 Nov 2012

N°2 (images LC2012) Marseille - Paris/Paris - Marseille ▶ Google Play ▶ Blue Tapes   6

occ 4 Mar 2013

Blue tapes - First split, with music provided across two tapes by Laurent Chambert and The Fractal Skulls   10

occ 19 Dec 2012

New !! http://bluetapes.co.uk/product/blue-four-laurent-chambert-the-fractal-skulls

360ET1 20 Dec 2012

#EndJams Picked this one as my final jam because, when I started Blue Tapes as a label, this was one of the very first things I found that I wanted to release... and it was the work of another TIMJer! Since then the platform has been invaluable for me for finding music new and old, roadtesting potential releases on discerning music fans, and tormenting people with my weird tastes. For someone with bad music-OCD like me, it's been a blessing and a curse.   6

bluetapes 25 Sep 2015