Only an Expert by Laurie Anderson

“A plea for an understanding of the 'wisdom of crowds'”

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A plea for an understanding of the 'wisdom of crowds'

myndzi 13 Sep 2012

If you have a problem, and no expert to deal with the problem. Well, then you have two problems. Laurie Anderson, Only an Expert, is My Jam this week 9/28.   1

markjurva 28 Sep 2014

#ThisIsMyJam #HashtagAllTheThings   2

Rantz 26 Apr 2014

‘Laurie Anderson - ONLY AN EXPERT’ #HashtagAllTheThings

Rantz 1 Oct 2013

Um, yeah, what she said!!!  Didn't realize Laurie was so verbose on this piece...   14

Moritz2112 26 May 2013

Only an Expert - Laurie Anderson #ThisIsMyJam #HashtagAllTheThings Thank you @ThisIsMyJam - you've been awesome.

Rantz 26 Sep 2015