Losing My Edge by LCD Soundsystem

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AllenVWin 7 Mar 2014

#gymmusic Repost *58 - Murphy does sustained tension, continuously but minutely increased tempo and shouty-chanty-chorus-release but than anyone else on earth. An all time indie house disco funk rock n roll classic.   2

markcmphillips 17 Jul 2014

This just had to be my 2nd #Jamiversary Jam   28

d0minic 23 Jan 2014

Funky fun weirdness   26

Bukowski 2 Sep 2013

I WAS THERE! A take-no-prisoners-tune if ever there was one...

markperlaki 15 Aug 2015

An all time favourite. Can't get the real video to load to TIMJ in the UK so it'll have to be the fan upload. I think I've seen them live more than I've seen any other single band.

timscience 12 Sep 2015