Celebration Day by Led Zeppelin


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Just for today, and for all the guitar freaks out there, here's a cover version that totally highlights the guitar work in this track. Apart from the obvious talent of this guy, it demonstrates just how talented Jimmy Page is, coz he makes it look like a stroll in the park when we can clearly see how tricky it really is here! I know the overall sound quality is a bit naff, but as I say, it's to highlight the guitar work. :)   3

Phyl 31 Jan 2014

Can't get too much Zep!   4

obadiah99 22 May 2013

#BirthdayJam   11

Catherine 12 Aug 2013

What's not to luv, it's Zeppelin! Favourite lyric, 'but the price you pay to nowhere has increased a dollar more' You need to crank up the volume for the start at least. Enjoy :)   2

Phyl 26 Jan 2014

#BirthdayJam (I'll start crying over end of TIMJ tomorrow - but today is a Celebration Day)   5

Catherine 12 Aug 2015

It's official! Can't wait to relive the O2 gig. So excited.   4

jamiecater 13 Sep 2012