D'yer Mak'er by Led Zeppelin

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Dalek 28 Aug 2015

A brilliant piece of music. Zeppelin pull of reggae pretty damn well if you ask me.   20

ZeppelinRule 7 Jul 2012

Jimmy Page has a birthday today :-) The Zep's reggae influenced dance track is a beaut. The name of the song is derived from an old joke, where two friends have the following exchange: "My wife's gone to the West Indies." "Jamaica?" "No, she went of her own accord".   24

BarneyRubble 9 Jan 2014

I know this has been played many many times and why not.Man oh man what a drummer! Play it Loud.   10

zodat 24 Jan 2015

Just heard it on the radio and... it really flashed me... :)   2

pejo13 1 Sep 2015

Led Zeppelin joining #ReggaeWeek too :)   5

ada23 19 Mar 2015