Four Sticks by Led Zeppelin

alan50vin’s jam on 19 Oct ’12 and then once after that (See all)

“Another gem from IV !”

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Another gem from IV !   1

alan50vin 21 Mar 2014

baby, the rainbow's end, mmm, baby, it's just a den For those who hide, who hide their love to depths of life And ruin dreams that we all knew so, babe.   1

whobyfire 12 Dec 2013

Due to an earache and sore throat, I barely slept last night and then awoke to this song playing non-stop on my mindPod. I suppose that I shouldn't be surprised, since its beat perfectly matches the throbbing of my headache...

gracelilacwine 20 Dec 2014

'Oh, baby, the river's red...'   3

Enish 28 Aug 2012

I Like this song a lot. The structure, The riff, lyrics. Those moans of Robert at the end...This song has everything I love about Led Zeppelin...   2

fabo74 14 Jan 2015

Because Led Zeppelin knew their shit.

AnujSable 11 Jun 2015