Friends by Led Zeppelin

simonp’s jam on 3 Aug ’14 and then once after that (See all)

“To all my friends, my thanks.”

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To all my friends, my thanks.   12

simonp 25 Sep 2015

Been reconnecting with my youth in the remastered vinyl versions of Zep I-III. Was never a huge fan of III but re-evaluating that now.

simonp 3 Aug 2014

Can we just appreciate how amazing of an album Led Zeppelin III is? It's right on up there with every other Led Zeppelin album!   5

iplaydageetar 17 Jul 2013

Right after jamming Led Zeppelin last week, I found out that they finally put all their music up online to stream. As soon as I saw that I downloaded pretty much their whole catalog and spent the last week listening to tons of Led Zeppelin songs I'd never heard before, including this one. So now I really just feel the need to jam them again this week.   13

blynch5194 31 Mar 2015

One of my fave and I believe underrated Led Zeppelin tunes :)

Zoso 21 Oct 2013


thatpuzzleguy 8 Jun 2015