The Battle Of Evermore by Led Zeppelin


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but russss was first  

Hope it's not my #lastjam :(   3

bullu 19 Aug 2015

Ending the year (and starting the new one) with some Zeppelin. See you guys in 2015.   3

metallicagirl 31 Dec 2014

Happy Plant & Lovecraft Day! I'm the only person I know who celebrates this, so far. #RobertPlant #HPLovecraft #PlantAndLovecraftDay

Schaeffer 20 Aug 2015

This was a long and tiring day but, at least, with "Led Zeppelin IV".   10

HappyZebra 23 Sep 2013

I don't think it's allowed to go more than 3 months without jamming Zep. Anyway, this has Sandy Denny on it. Even more reason.....   5

obadiah99 14 Apr 2014

This song is amazing. Every lyric completely resonated with me yesterday when it came on shuffle. Pure #magic and #genius and #truth. I have an obsession with Led Zeppelin (JIMMY PAGE) these days. I had the honour of being in the same room as him for my sister's graduation. Lucky chick got a wink from him and later got to meet him. ANYWAYS....enjoy   12

augustina 22 May 2014