The Battle of Evermore by Led Zeppelin

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but russss was first  

Hope it's not my #lastjam :(   3

bullu 19 Aug 2015

This song is amazing. Every lyric completely resonated with me yesterday when it came on shuffle. Pure #magic and #genius and #truth. I have an obsession with Led Zeppelin (JIMMY PAGE) these days. I had the honour of being in the same room as him for my sister's graduation. Lucky chick got a wink from him and later got to meet him. ANYWAYS....enjoy   12

augustina 22 May 2014

I don't think it's allowed to go more than 3 months without jamming Zep. Anyway, this has Sandy Denny on it. Even more reason.....   5

obadiah99 14 Apr 2014

This was a long and tiring day but, at least, with "Led Zeppelin IV".   10

HappyZebra 23 Sep 2013

Ending the year (and starting the new one) with some Zeppelin. See you guys in 2015.   3

metallicagirl 31 Dec 2014

I am on a bit of a Led Zeppelin binge at the moment.   1

russss 20 Jan 2012