Working in the Coal Mine by Lee Dorsey

“1966 - Written by Allen Toussaint”

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1966 - Written by Allen Toussaint   4

The1960s 27 Nov 2013

My pop showed this to me a little while ago. I've known the Devo version for years, but I had never heard this one before.

AttackingToms 14 Jul 2015

Have completely over-committed myself with work this month but never mind, at least - unlike my ancestors - I don't have to work in a coal mine. Or a chippy. Hurrah.   2

purlpower 25 Feb 2014

We're supposed to be robbin' this place, you dumb fuckin' Hebe!   6

CaptainJam 28 Apr 2013

This well-known track was written and arranged by Allen Toussaint. In 1966, Lee Dorsey became the first to record the song, which was released on AMY records in the U.S. It reached the top ten on both the Billboard hot 100 and R&B charts.   4

dodger75 24 Feb 2015

Vid's well worth a watch.   6

jackiepatie 16 Jan 2013