Coming Home by Leon Bridges

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Love this guy   3

onelovepictures 23 Jun 2015

contemporary young cat doing justice to the retro soul sound...

Clash_Presley 6 Mar 2015

Really rather enjoyed this #SundaySoother   12

Avante 21 Jun 2015

❤️ Loving this new artist from Fort Worth, Texas. Keep a look out for his debut album in June! ❤️   4

J_Dub 18 May 2015

#SundaySoother   8

cosmicdon 19 Apr 2015

I love Leon Bridges. I know the whole retro thing might be a bit contrived, but I'm inclined to just close my eyes and let the feel-good soul just wash over me.

twistymellorman 22 Aug 2015