Almost Like The Blues by Leonard Cohen


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I have never bought a Leonard Cohen album. Knew all the key songs but never chose to listen closely...until now. An 80-year-old man croaking through a batch of new material doesn't seem promising, but I was instantly captivated, as much by the production as the melodies. Hauntingly beautiful.

DavidHughes 5 Oct 2014

Spooky voice but one I love to hear right before sleep. Deeply haunting G'Night XXXX

pooblemoo 28 Oct 2014

Hopefully this one works! Almost Like The Blues - Leonard Cohhen

andyfree 31 Aug 2014


carrotbourke 20 Oct 2014

New single from his new album Popular Problems. I think I kinda love this.   2

vanoccupanther 19 Aug 2014

"It was acid, it was tragic." Leonard Cohen at 80, ladies and gents. Slinky, spectacular.   6

flaneur 20 Aug 2014