Nevermind by Leonard Cohen

“Good TV show, Great song from the master.”

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Good TV show, Great song from the master.   3

abner07 5 Aug 2015

Watched the first episode of True Detective 2 yesterday. It still has to grow on me, but I'm quite confident it will. Already hooked on the title sequence though. Here's the full unedited version.   3

aldusd 23 Jun 2015


mishival 22 Jul 2015

I live the life I left behind...

Ramone666 26 Sep 2014

I love how latter-day Leonard Cohen doesn't so much sing as incant.   1

Randomerican 31 Jul 2015

Got hooked on this watching the opening credits to season two of HBO's " True Detective " It gets better every time I Listen to it

sambavaom 27 Jul 2015