No.1 Against the Rush by Liars

seantomas’s jam on 29 May ’12 and then once after that (See all)

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but AdamWhitehead was first  

Picked up Liars’ new record—WIXIW—as a heard-of-them-not-heard-them coverart purchase at Aquarius. It's   1

BenWard 31 Jul 2012

Bloody love this. Gave it its first spin on our show today!   8

laurenlaverne 23 Apr 2012

I forgot how much I loved this song...   1

registradus 18 May 2015

If all musicians were half as progressive as Liars...

AdamWhitehead 2 Apr 2012

Wobbly sound. Great Liars. New jam:

rockandrollcopy 9 Nov 2013

Features on my April playlist   2

seaninsound 29 Apr 2012