You and Me by Lifehouse

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@JustinXbox @leejohnson, @PeteLaberge @kemiladashdot @natyblooming @shirl @lynn200 @lindatee @DiamondDog @boosup1 @AlicejustMay @joeldurhamjr now I know that there has been new jammers that want good jams from jammers that really jam a heartfelt punk rockish to older Rock'N'Rollers type of jam every time that they post I don't want to see anybody else putting the song up just cause I think it's silly no I want a song if fucking tickles me with every emotion that I have to feel by the way yes I have been out for one around with that girl that broke my heart last time and she's done it again and I'm back inside all day long drinking and jamming yeah it's on   5

USMC_SemperFi 19 Aug 2015

For John   1

francineshounds 4 Apr 2013

Cause it's you and me. And all of the people, and I don't know why. I can't keep my eyes off you..

fdhzrynwa 11 Feb 2014