Hard Out Here by Lily Allen

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"Things you might be surprised that I like" week is still on! You know how I love a song with a message. And as much as I hate autotune, I totally get it here.

TheDoodleAbides 30 Jul 2014

One of the greatest "feminist" anthems'.

FrankieB327 27 Aug 2014

No choice here, just gotta jump on the bandwagon.   2

ritao 22 Nov 2013

The pure pop song that's stuck in my head for the longest recently...

tomcoates 11 Aug 2014

So I was reviewing "Owl and the Japanese Circus" which reads like a modern telling of Indiana Jones with a female lead. When I got to the romance aspect though, I got to thinking. Why is it Indiana can seduce three separate women (one of whom is annoying as fuck) and no one bats an eye. But Owl having a romantic interest will cause throngs to dismiss this book out of hand? Why? TAKE IT AWAY MISS ALLEN!

ginnylurcock 12 Jan 2015

It's hard out here for a #Bitch. Believe me, I know. This song makes it all better. Welcome back Lilly!

SaraCsIt 26 Nov 2013