Smile by Lily Allen

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Whadja do that for?

bethatc 21 Aug 2014

"Smile" by Lily Allen is my new jam. Listen:   1

see_emilyplay 24 Jul 2015

#revengejams  number 7 OK Disclaimer here ....this chick went too far and she enjoyed it.. I mean Daaaaamn - How would anyone date her in real life after this video and song? #coldblooded ..Taylor Swift's got nothing on this woman scorned....   8

SheRa 17 Dec 2014

Everything about this song is marvelous.

sitonthecouch 4 Jun 2014

Bunch of exes been trying to contact me. Y'all must be crazy.

Funkopedia 25 Jul 2014

Look up the video on youtube. Lily is amazing. She should be way more popular here. At first, when I see you cry...

matthewparadiso 19 Jan 2015