You're No Good by Linda Ronstadt


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Ignore Jose Feliciano wittering about country music, this will be the funkiest thing you hear today.

tijuana_brass 5 May 2014

here is 11-grammy winner LINDA RONSTADT------american singer----------------feel the verve

nangeanarendra 3 Aug 2015

Her voice fits in every musical genre (and what a babe she was in her prime)   6

pabloldias 22 May 2013

So many things I could say about this video. But I'll limit it to two. #1 - Linda Ronstadt's voice is absolutely killer. #2- This rhythm section has an amphetamine addiction that is both visible and audible.

giantsofdiving 26 Jun 2014

Now I see how you really are.   7

flaneur 8 Sep 2013

Asylum UK, 1975

tedwilkinson 31 Jul 2014