Rumble by Link Wray

“An instrumental that gets banned from the radio, has to be worth listening to...”

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An instrumental that gets banned from the radio, has to be worth listening to...   8

CaptainJam 20 Jan 2014

Love this   5

derekahmedzai 1 Sep 2015

Going back to what is and will always be one of my favorites. I remember seeing Link Wray on the TV in the 70's when still a teenager and thought "if I could ever look look like a combination or Link Wray and the Fonz, life would be sorted"!!!!!   3

JezBurtonshaw 6 Aug 2015

​Wray came up with this when he was asked to play a stroll at one of his shows. The song was radically different from other popular instrumentals, as it introduced gritty guitar distortion and power chords to the world of Rock. Wray was with Archie Bleyer's Cadence label and he wanted to record this as a single. Bleyer was ready to pass on it until his step daughter said she liked it and that it reminded her of the rumble scenes in West Side Story. Bleyer named the song "Rumble" and decided to release it. The title made the song somewhat controversial because it implied gang violence - some radio stations refused to play it. It might be the only instrumental song ever banned on the radio. Wray used a 1953 Gibson Les Paul guitar run through a Premier amp to produce this song. Pete Townshend once declared about Wray, "He is the King; if it hadn't been for 'Rumble,' I would have never picked up a guitar." info is from   8

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Ready for a rumble?

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