Motorway by Little Boots

z0mbee’s jam on 4 Mar ’13 and then once after that (See all)

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but mika was first  

She said life's like a motorway.

poplabyrinth 9 Mar 2013

The new album is on the way! This is a free download via   1

daftmonk 28 Feb 2013

I told off @thisismymistake for jamming this before me, then realised I'd posted it to Little Boots herself.   1

neil_jones 4 Mar 2013

We won't stop, no! We won't break. Shadows hide all the pain~

Chovsky 6 Aug 2015

Little Boots channeling Sarah Cracknell. Yes!

melissastevens 15 Sep 2013

Download this track for free and pre-order the new album 'Nocturnes' at   9

littleboots 28 Feb 2013