Jennifer She Said by Lloyd Cole and The Commotions


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The Guardian wrote about it here: My parents had it on a compilation when I was a kid.

isitbedtimeyet 2 Jul 2012

Lloyd Cole rocks :)

i_r_paulus 28 May 2014

A classic favourite from my one of my favourites Lloyd Cole and the Commotions. This one is from Mainstream.   15

PartyTearsFew 14 Aug 2015

What an album "Mainstream" was. Lloyd Cole was a bit of a dude, and "Mainstream" was definitely part of my 90s soundtrack. This is the best track on it though.

pjmaybe 26 Jul 2015

An artist that I've loved since I was 13. Sounded amazing with full band last night in Glasgow, this track was my highlight.   1

FamousWhenDead 30 Jan 2014