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Bit of a break from the normal jam but off to see Lloyd Cole tom at the Trades Club. Here's Rattlesnakes:

Cavedweller71 28 Mar 2014

Been on a bit of a Lloyd Cole binge recently. Side One of this album is almost perfect, in fact the whole album is almost perfect. "Her heart, heart's like crazy paving Upside down and back to front She says "ooh, it's so hard to love When love was your great disappointment." Indeed!

chrispaulking 2 Feb 2015

Since I'm on a 1980s bender and Google keeps telling me it's Simone de Beauvoir's 106th birthday, here's one of two songs I know that mentions Simone in the lyrics...   20

thisismymistake 9 Jan 2014

To assist @thesunneversets in telling Lloyd Cole & The Commotions apart from Kid Creole & The Coconuts.   4

Owlsoup 25 Feb 2015

She looks like Eva Marie Saint in On the Waterfront. She reads Simone de Beauvoir in her American circumstance.

jcrystoff 28 Mar 2014

Love this. :-)   1

fitzc7 9 Sep 2013