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Local Natives - World News. A story with this one before I head to the office. (Twitter, follow the link) Four or five years ago, I saw Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes along with Hannah and one of her friends. The opening band was Local Natives, who I had not heard of at the time, but then blew up a few months later. So this is one of my few hipster moments where I saw a band back when all they had was an EP that isn't even listed on their Wikipedia page, and now they are one of the headliners at Firefly. Granted, headlining on Thursday, so the least of the headline acts. You may be thinking that I want to see them at Firefly to see how they compare now that they have some more experience and popularity. This is true, but the real reason I want to see them again is to find out if the one guy in the band still has the SKINNIEST LEGS IN SKINNY JEANS THE THREE OF US HAD EVER SEEN!

ZeiramMR 6 Jun 2014

A happy lil' song from @localnatives for Friday! #TGIF

asiansplenda 17 May 2013

Enjoying #Lollapalooza broadcast ... And saying I'm lucky for going to see them in November !

CreepyUnknown 3 Aug 2013

perfect song, for perfect weather.

alicerb2 6 Jun 2013

The official anthem of homesickness for Silverlake.

catpitpdx 30 Jul 2012

Drums and Vocals from Local Natives, off an album i listen through without skipping a track

adambenconnell 29 Apr 2012