Avocado, Baby by Los Campesinos!


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vilumallin 29 Oct 2013

One of the best singles bands in alternative rock today? I can't get enough of this song.

staticstudios 11 Oct 2013

This rises to an ridiculously catchy crescendo, I'm very excited about this album and the new Arcade Fire too.   1

MaxRocks 10 Oct 2013

As my favourite song released in TIMJ's lifetime (and, in fact, for a good while longer than that), this has to be the one I leave here.

seb 25 Sep 2015

my theme

crystalblisters 23 Feb 2015

(A heart of stone, rind so tough it's crazy, that's why they call me the avocado, baby)

ivannovaa 12 Jan 2015