Coney Island Baby by Lou Reed


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Yesterday I had to go to the Emergency Room again and they left me in the hospital and I had a procedure and general anesthesia and now the doctors are again discussing ovary removal and hysterectomy... The decision has to be made but in February as 1). I Need to recover and 2). have a trip to PerĂº coming up... I am tired and want to get it all out and have it done with but also know I need to listen to the doctors. While they were putting the IV in and fighting with my veins, this was the soundtrack. I know it is a bit difficult and dramatic, but I still love life is just as I want it to be, never "stagnant" it is ever changing. I hope after February this chapter will be over and I can move on.   112

natyblooming 12 Jan 2014

Super bummed about this magical website going away at the end of the month. But I hope you enjoy this Lou Reed song anyway.   2

junkycosmonaut 13 Aug 2015

R.I.P Lou Reed.

palexan 28 Oct 2013

In honour of the #MermaidParade and simply being in #NYC. Still miss you, Lou. Glory of love, glory of love, glory of love...

nikitabroz 21 Jun 2014

Meeting my aunt and cousins by the Ferris wheel in a few hours - hopefully the glory of love will see me through...

thesunneversets 12 Jul 2014

I wanna play football for the coach...   1

Modoufox 10 Feb 2012