Heroin by Lou Reed

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.... from the first Lou Reed album I bought, 'Rock n Roll Animal' ... I went to the same record shop in those days, every Saturday ..didn't know who Lou reed was let alone that band he was in!! The cover sold it to me ... thank heavens for the cover !.. it has the best ever live intro on any live record to Sweet Jane but this still is my favourite track from the album, Heroin ....   1

IanB57 29 Oct 2013

Godfather of Punk - RIP Opening lines of this song I don't know just where I'm going But I'm gonna try for the kingdom, if I can

rblack 28 Oct 2013

This incredible live version of Heroin by Lou Reed

ATreeWithRoots 28 Feb 2014

And I feel...   1

gezlawson 17 Jan 2014

It's a good long ride...the song I mean.

LFGano 21 Sep 2012

Not really the version most people would choose, and honestly, I like the original VU version better. But this album (which many Lou Reed fans despise) hold a special place for me. A summer spent at my sisters in the north of Iceland, nothing to do but rummage through her and her husbands vinyl collection. Lots of 70's stuff, and this one. At first I didn't like it. I mean, destroying these songs with guitar licks and solos and shit! But then I listened to it again. And again. And again. And soon it was all I listened to for a while. #RIPLou #AWeekOfLou

Gummi 29 Oct 2013