Romeo Had Juliette by Lou Reed

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but JNoze was first  

Caught between the twisted stars / the plotted lines the faulty map / that brought Columbus to New York...   4

neonzbra 22 Aug 2013

People rarely mention New York. I love this album.

sorelylacking 31 Oct 2013

Lou Reed wasn't all about the Velvets or the Transformer Album. New York was brilliant,lyrics are just so clever.

jardin66 1 Nov 2013

The perfume burned his eyes Holding tightly to her thighs And something flickered for a minute And then it vanished and was gone   1

moviedude1893 17 Nov 2013

A little homesick for New York   2

bombasticky 3 Jul 2012

I love the way LR tells stories in his songs   1

leblic2 12 Mar 2015