Satellite Of Love by Lou Reed


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but xian was first  

Final jam in my "Bowie on backing vocals" series.   5

JuliusThornicus 21 Mar 2012

Thus ending a trilogy of Mick Ronson (born 26 May 1946, died 29 April 1993) featured songs.... Bom Bom Bom...   6

ErnieBilko 8 May 2015

So maybe it's obligatory, maybe it's clichè. It's still amazing and beautiful.   9

KojiroMusashi 3 Nov 2013

I like to watch things on TV.

xian 14 Dec 2011

Satellite's gone up to the skies, Things like that drive me out of my mind. I watched it for a little while, I love to watch things on TV.   7

rexter42 8 Jan 2014


isajward919 27 Oct 2013