The Swimming Song by Loudon Wainwright III

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if I could get sentimental for a sec...this song always makes me think of the little band I put together in Atlanta, and we did a cover of this. It was around the same time TIMJ started up. So this actually gives me quite a bit of a nostalgia related to this site. Thanks for all the songs! <3

josh3 27 Aug 2015

It's still summer... sort of. At least the weather seems to think so. Hot enough for swimming.   7

kaoates2 6 Sep 2012

...this summer I went swimming, this summer I might have drowned....

leadbutterfly 24 Jun 2014

Summer appears to have come back momentarily. So in celebration, here's one of my favourite songs.

amortentia 8 Sep 2012

"Salt in my wounds, chlorine in my eyes, I'm a self-destructive fool."   1

waxpancake 4 Oct 2011

Back from holiday with a song I first heard on TIMJ last summer and grew very fond of since.   6

dorkins 12 Aug 2013