Alone Again Or by Love


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Transcendent and ethereal contemplations upon the existential human experience. From one of the greatest albums ever made. Have a terrific weekend folks.   12

Bukowski 5 Sep 2014

I first heard this song in a British, Edgar Wright-ish movie called Bunny and Bull. This song's been covered a billion times and they're all good. It's about someone who is dating someone pretty disappointing. But the melody and tempo; guitar and trumpets make it sounds like an epic adventure song. I like to imagine myself having adventures with my friends. I listen to this song and imagine me and David Hennard, Alex Beck, Brittany Cramer, Emily Ewald, Rachel Christie, Jim Runyon, and various other good friends of mine riding horses, swinging swords, slinging spells, and traversing great landscapes. So good.   1

hexmartinez 16 Feb 2015

There have been some great covers, but here is the original.   5

pjcj 23 Aug 2012

Choice Number Five is the 1967 masterpiece Forever Changes heralding the end of a golden summer with hints of darkness.   29

Axol 28 Aug 2014

dont really need to justify this, do i?   2

alcxxk 28 Dec 2011

The Mexican horns make this.....time and place.

Bizkniz 2 Nov 2014