Turn Me Loose by Loverboy


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petersheldon 22 May 2013

My wife encouraged me to watch "Wet Hot American Summer" on Netflix last night. It was mildly humorous, but being set in 1981 it had a killer soundtrack. This tune included. "Turn Me Loose" harkens me back to an amusement park ride that I frequented back in the early 80s, The Music Express at Kennywood - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_Express. Just going round and round in a little car tethered to a center point, blasting great tunes of the era.   12

kfarrnd 14 Aug 2015

cuz of Crank.

drbrontosaurus 17 Apr 2013

No guilt, all pleasure.   5

plinythemidlkid 7 Mar 2013

Check out the lead singer's headband and leather pants in the original clip. So powerful.

S7U 21 Jul 2013