When I Go Deaf by Low

“After a Low concert, when I go deaf.......”

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After a Low concert, when I go deaf.......

novel 8 Nov 2013

In honor of DJ & Dixie, this week's jam is a long beloved by me Low tune they used as their first dance at their wedding. Congratulations you fabulous pair! Keep dancing!

anxst 10 Nov 2014

This song gives me goosebumps every time I hear it

ru12xu 5 Jun 2015

And I'll stop writing songs Stop scratching out lines I won't have to fake And it won't have to rhyme

raal 6 Mar 2014

My favourite Low song.   13

stellakoto 14 Aug 2013

One of those songs that you know is going to get noisy.   2

spewish 24 Feb 2015