Turn It Around by Lucius

“Turn It Around by Lucius (@ilovelucius) is my new jam.”

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Turn It Around by Lucius (@ilovelucius) is my new jam.

chrispricey 6 Nov 2013

Extrovert, slightly eccentric, pop genius.   3

markcmphillips 24 Mar 2015

This quirky group has grown on me over time.   2

kompani101 11 Jan 2015

Today, Lucius put out one of the coolest albums I've heard all year. Definitely worth a listen.   3

iplaydageetar 15 Oct 2013

Reflections are... so tedious, aren't they?

7r0773r 7 Mar 2014

i really like this song, hope you do too. and i just wanted to say thank you for following  me! :)

jackieroche92 13 Aug 2015