Shiver by Lucy Rose

“And I loved the way you looked at me”

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And I loved the way you looked at me

Molly_Morrow 12 Jul 2015

and if we turn back time could we learn to live right?

millsy 17 Feb 2015

we broke everything that was right / we both enjoyed a good fight

kittyears 27 Mar 2015

...and I'll shiver like I used to.   1

kalutek 18 Mar 2014

just learnt on i can play it while listening all day long o_o   2

angels_banda 19 Dec 2013

Well, last episode of Girls inspired me in tonight's choice (Jeez,I still can feel the pain of that ending), but this song is truly amazing, romanticly sad and real. Love is pain, said Richard Ashcroft (and many more before him). Buon ascolto ("Enjoy it", in italian)! :)

kiru2005 17 Feb 2015