Modern Driveway by Luke Abbott

“haven't been keeping tabs on 4x4 lately. this is lovely”

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haven't been keeping tabs on 4x4 lately. this is lovely

jesusgollonet 23 Nov 2012

I've been listening to a lot Luke Abbott this week, and this lead track from the 'Modern Driveway' EP is one of my favourites... If you like it there's also a lovely Jon Hopkins piano version here:   2

marktee 15 Mar 2014

Tune & artwork both 💎

cavill 8 Nov 2013


craffel 1 Mar 2013

Luke Abbott makes some rather nice techno.

jedrichards 18 May 2013

Beautiful melodic techno. This fella is great, check out Holkham Drones if you haven't got it already.   1

holyromanarmy 6 Jun 2012