On Raglan Road by Luke Kelly

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Luke Kelly died 30 years ago today on 30/01/84. A wonderful singer who passed on far to early. This is Raglan Road.   1

Blackhound59 30 Jan 2014

"I loved too much, and by such, by such, is happiness thrown away" SSSSOOO EMO

drenormous 6 Dec 2014

A great love song by an all time great chanter.   2

terryoneill67 12 Sep 2013

*heart shatters into a million pieces*   1

crillex 30 Jul 2015

30th anniversary of this great singers passing - many others have recorded Raglan Road and are inferior to his - (fwiw Van Mossison's version is one the worst covers of this great ballad.)

patrickj 31 Jan 2014

take heed....

WillReynolds14 24 Jun 2014