I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix) by Lykke Li

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Soon to be featured on my Mix of 2011 tryptych, here's the one who left Aeroplane mixing Lykke. Cosmic disco!

DJDellamorte 11 Dec 2011

A love story with no end and no beginning.

magma 3 Nov 2014

#blueisthewarmestcolor #adele

amyflano 23 Jun 2014

Put your hands in the air and relive the 2011 Italo-house revival that never was.

Roreek 27 Jun 2014

Just off to see her, on a freebie. I love some of her work (have seen her twice before) but I am glad I am not paying the £27 fee (and apparently no support) full price now.   3

jonnyneale5 9 May 2014

le bleu est une couleur chaude   2

laurasnapes 5 Jan 2014