Bring The Noize by M.I.A.

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I've got M.I.A.'s upcoming album on my mind. And I love the religious theme of the music video. #Matangi #MIA   6

rvleonard 7 Oct 2013

Some might have mixed feelings about M.I.A. after the release of /\/\/\Y/\, but I still think she is extremely talented and writes phenomenal lyrics. Here is jam number 19 of my favorite songs from my favorite albums of 2013 (in no particular order)! #Bestof2013 #MIA #Matangi

rvleonard 19 Dec 2013

She is captivating.   1

wesailtoday 30 Jul 2014

free them.

jungsoojung 2 Jan 2015

i usually don't like music like this but for some reason m.i.a. really excites me. also there's just some really great sounds that pop up throughout

japanfann 22 Apr 2014