Pop Muzik 1979 by M

“Great pop song that still works today..”

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Great pop song that still works today..   1

mrc 29 Jul 2014

Heard this coming from a shop doorway yesterday. That intro still sounds absolutely fantastic   5

AndyMack 10 Feb 2013

In honor of a genre of music I've jammed a lot here.

EnemyOfPeanuts 14 Aug 2015

Among other things, this includes a bit of Voguing a good ten years before Madonna popularized it in her own video.   5

waynechapman44 20 Sep 2014

...Radio, video,  Boogie with a suitcase,  Your livin' in a disco,  Forget about the rat race ... #aWeekOfDisco jam #2 my previous jam sounded suspiciously a lot like this song.   4

Clash_Presley 29 Aug 2013

Saw this brilliant & subtle tweet from Orkney Library and it was an instant earworm. https://twitter.com/OrkneyLibrary/status/624148368265228288   2

spidra 2 Aug 2015