Into the Groove by Madonna

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I think this is the 1st Madonna song I've really enjoyed.

c0smicthing 3 Jul 2014

1985. 14 year old Bekki gets given like a virgin on tape and it CHANGES HER LIFE. I watched desperately seeking Susan about 6 times at the ABC cinema on Streatham High Street with my wages from being a junior at Paul K hairdressers. My parents probably heard this song coming from my bedroom 624,30000 times   1

BekkiSymes 6 Sep 2015

Lovely nostalgia filled weekend. Came home with a handful of singes from my Dad's loft. This being one of them.   22

abigail.deeks 19 Jan 2015

Madonna's greatest hits is what's getting me through my Monday.

azizaazul 8 Dec 2014

This piano-heavy version from The Emmaculate Collection is easily the best and perfect for bopping about on a Friday :)

shelljacques 23 Jan 2015

And you can dance... for inspiration.

ki25 5 Apr 2012