Like a Prayer by Madonna

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Can't stop playing classic Madonna at the moment.

Jasgra 14 Jan 2015

4rth Madonna post! Hope you like it! Have a great weekend people! ;)   18

MVD 12 Sep 2014

Hello our new post we explore 3 videos that were controversial as they criticized Religion: “It´s a Sin” by Pet Shop Boys, “Like a Prayer” by Madonna and “Sadness Part 1″ by Enigma. Remember you can follow us on twitter: @MVDeconstructed and on facebook: Also, remember to check out our FANTASTIC playlist:   16

MVD 18 Mar 2014

Years before she made a living by falling off stages, Madonna came up with catchy ditties with videos where she'd dance around in her nightie snogging a black Jesus statue that's come to life, and burning giant crosses in the style of the KKK. America seemed to find this shocking at the time; I just laugh, as the scene with the crying statue reminds me of Del Boy's scam in Fools and Horses. Good song, though.

clanca1234 11 Apr 2015

(live in japan - blond ambition tour) just found my immaculate collection cd! this one stuck out...

MAGlCK 27 Dec 2012

Enjoying this classic on a rainy day.

monsterpaperbag 5 Oct 2014