Squeeze by Man like me

ANDREW_MOLE’s jam on 2 May ’12 (See all)

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oooh squeeze! Head, shoulders and ooooh, knees!

PKMNadrienne 21 Apr 2013

I know basically nothing about @ManLikeMe but this is ace: dance-pop with a lop-sided grin and no shame at all   1

whereismyquiz 5 Mar 2013

Bounds along like an overexcited toddler, all vibrant beats, synths + strange sounds... http://gu.com/p/373v9

stephenabbott 24 Apr 2012

They're always in the Camden New Journal. Maybe this record will put them in other publications too

alexneedham74 25 Apr 2012

Can't get enough of this song! Highly Recommend it :)

megandowning 2 Sep 2012

Dedicated to @jrv - good luck buddy! c=8   3

jackfilose 21 Sep 2012