Hip Hop Be Bop (Don't Stop) by Man Parrish


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Watched "Shaun Of The Dead" for the first time earlier today. This is not the second record I ever bought...   1

daftmonk 19 Jun 2012

Bit of classic #Electro for our big pal, Dave! Hope ya feeling much better, fella...   2

DirtyDiscoSound 11 Dec 2014

Rewatching Shaun of the Dead for the thousandth time, such a great soundtrack.   3

SeanHiggins1994 8 Jul 2013

I developed a massive holiday crush on an older boy who made me a mix-tape. This was on it, and I still love it.

loboska 13 Sep 2015

Dedicated to all Ageing B-Boys...   4

Wildstyle77 18 Nov 2014

Friday Electro Madness

steranko 17 May 2013